Installing a US Digital Gold Desktop Wallet provides you with savings interest of 0.275% on USDigital Gold in your wallet.

To earn 0.275% in new US Digital Gold your computer must be connected to the Internet with the US Digital Gold desktop wallet running in the background each day for the year, serving as an anonymous node on the US Digital Gold network. The US Digital Gold desktop wallet works with most Macs & PCs but does not work on mobile, on tablets or chromebooks.

Each desktop wallet, whether a laptop, desktop or server, is a node comprising the decentralized US Digital Gold block chain network. Each computer uses a very small amount of energy when occasionally booking a transaction on the blockchain and earning the 0.275% in new US Digital Gold. A transaction occurs when you send US Digital Gold or receive US Digital Gold. The US Digital Gold block chain shows every anonymous transaction of US Digital Gold from one wallet to another.

The more nodes a network has the safer and faster the transactions on that network.

The goal is to reach one million nodes. By downloading a US Digital Gold desktop wallet and leaving it running you are helping reach that goal. Downloading the desktop wallet does not allow any access to your computer and is open source code like Bitcoin that is always available for audit on Github.


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